December 4th, 2002


Last night about 6:30 it started snowing great big huge flakes, and lots of them. I don't think it has stopped yet. The world is covered in white and I LOVE IT. The first good snow of the year always puts me in a good mood. Last night I had hot chocolate with a marshmallow. Snow always makes me feel like Christmastime and stuff.

And... (cue crazy rock music)

I get to slide my car around!! That's right. After class last night I was e-brake sliding, trying to pull my car slideways as far as I could, fishtailing, bootlegging, and all kinds of fun stuff. In an empty parking lot, of course. Well, mostly empty. Slippery surfaces mean I get to do all kinds of fun maneuvers at a safe speed. On dry pavement it requires a lot of speed to break the tires free, but on snow and ice I get to do all that crap at under 15 mph. Great fun.

Of course, it took me half an hour to get from home to the babysitter's, half an hour to get to the doctor's office, and another half hour to get back here to work, so I didn't get in until 10, but that's certainly alright with me.

Today is day 13 of being sick, and I'm still feeling it, but the snow has got me in a better mood. Also I went to the coolest doctor this morning - she gave me a sack of samples, so I left there with everything I need to get well, and no money out of pocket. Excellent. Hope this stuff helps.

Tonight is Old Chicago night - perhaps we'll slide around the mall parking lot a bit. :-)

Finally, it's about damn time we get the option of doing our laundry online. Check this out. They are installing these washing machines in college dorms. You get online to see if one is free, and then you go put your laundry in. You can add fabric softener from your computer, and you can be notified by e-mail or text message on your cell phone when your load is complete. Pretty cool stuff.

I want a refrigerator that's online. So from the basement I could tell it to bring me some pizza. It could happen.
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Who else's winamp goes from Precious Things by Tori Amos to Woo-HAH by Busta Rhymes? No one's, baby. That's all me.

For lunch Miah came up and bought some military spec boots for $25. We have a few more if you want them, seriously. You pay shipping though. We went to the deli and then went slideways for about fifteen minutes. It was much fun. At one point we were going about 10 down this residential street and a car with an old guy and a little girl was coming toward us. Miah engaged the e-brake which caused the rear end to slide out to the right, pointing our car directly at theirs. But of course he had the wheels aimed straight down the street, so we just slid right by them. Miah faked a scared look on his face and the little girl was all wide-eyed. It was hilarious.

It's a good day.

(I didn't even have to use my A-K.)
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This is a good song. You should download it.

I have sixlets.

I remember when I was a little kid, we had snow all the time during winter. Then recently there were a few winters where it was just ass-cold but no production, no snow, no nothing. Just cold. That's annoying. My thought is, if it's going to be that cold, it ought to snow. Otherwise it's all show and no snow. Er, go. (If ASCII supported the character symbol of three dots in a triangle which in logic means "therefore", I'd post that here, but I can't find it. Get it...ergo...)

Um, anyway, so yeah, there for a while there was no snow, just coldness. I think it was El Nino. So last year and now so far this year we've actually gotten decent amounts of snow again. That's much better.
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I look like that when I burp.

(Who doesn't love Calvin & Hobbes, I mean really.)

(You guys tired of me today yet?) :-)
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