December 6th, 2002

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The printer outside my cubicle just made a sound like it devoured a newspaper.

This morning everything was covered with frost. I got out on my way to work and discovered it was also very foggy. Especially over the river. The leafless trees faded into the distance and were swallowed by the fog. I saw a guy in a hoodie crossing a bridge and his silhouette against the fog was cool. Everything was so drab and gray, it was almost black and white. Almost.

I don't like the pills I have to take at night. They knock me out. So I haven't played any PS2 for the last two nights.

Oh well - after two days of drugs I'm feeling so much better. Not 100% yet, but better.

The printer is destroying paper again.


At lunch today Tandra picked me up. I took one look at the trees and said "We have to go home and get the camera." The larger branches and trunks were very dark, but the smaller twigs were covered with frost, creating a really cool contrast effect within each tree. In addition, the sky was actually dark enough that this rare instance occurred - that the tree branches were *lighter* than the sky behind them. We took black & white photos of trees, the river with the ice on it, some close-ups of branches and one fir tree in particular that had a little ball of snow on top of one of the branches which was covered in frost. I'll post them later when they get scanned.
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just now one of the mentally retarded consumers who usually are downstairs from me was up here in the workout room. she came out and was completely throwing a fit, screaming and uncontrollable and acting... well, retarded. her personal trainer or whatever they're called finally got her to go downstairs. fine, one minute of something other than the usual happened, so that's fine. the thing is, there is now a circle of no less than six people standing around discussing the whole thing. why? i have no idea. it wasn't that big of a deal. nothing's even going on anymore. freaking non-working people.

i should talk though - i'm adding a guestbook to my website at the moment.
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