December 13th, 2002


Well, yesterday was a strange, strange day. I felt pretty good mentally (but not physically) as we signed the papers and bought the house. But after that my whole day was just one big long anxiety attack. That's been happening to me lately, the last few times I've gotten really drunk, I have anxiety problems the next day. All day. That is enough to wear you out. I was all trembly and really fidgety and couldn't focus... it just sucked. I hate that. If you've never experienced anxiety, it's worse than you think.

I'm feeling fine today though.

We finally got the other guy's insurance company to provide us with a rental car, but even that was not without its pain in the ass. See, they want full coverage on the rental car, which I don't have on my car. Thus, I have to pay $13 a day for insurance since his insurance company claims it's "not their responsibility", even though this whole thing is the other guy's fault. Christ. Cheap ass bastards. $13 a day only works up to, oh, almost $400 a month. WTF. So I just called my insurance company and bumped myself up to full coverage. Which is funny, because I now have full coverage with a $500 deductible on a car whose book value is right around $2000. So if I crash that car, I have to pay a quarter of what the car is worth. Fun. I guess I have the option of going back down to liability only after this is done, but we've seen how my insurance company treats its liability customers.... like a liability.

We're going to see an attorney today though and he's going to fix everything. Yesterday Tandra was talking to an adjuster from the other guy's insurance company and they were arguing about whose responsibility the extra insurance was. Tandra said something like "maybe I should have my attorney look at this." The other guy started yelling at her and said "don't you threaten me!" So she just hung up on his dumb ass. Sounds like he was scared. He should be. I hope our attorney is able to strongarm these companies into doing their goddamn jobs. We pay our company enough fucking money every month, they need to do their goddamn job when it comes time to do it.

What else... oh, my brother comes into town today from the Navy for Christmas. My parents think he's not coming in until Monday, so he's going to chill out at my house until I get home from work. Then Tandra and I are going to go out to my parents, unannounced, and just show up with him. My mom's going to freak. It will be all sorts of fun.

Then at some point today I have to write two two-page essays for Comp, but those will be easy. I'm done with my other three classes, and the two whose grades I know about are both A's. I anticipate As in the other two as well. Then Saturday we will pack and disassemble and Sunday we will move into our house. Yay!

Need to go riding soon.

Ever wondered if your computer was possessed?

Maybe it's just being occupied... like an uncooperative foreign nation.
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(no subject)

Well then. I'm now legally represented for the second time in as many weeks, sort of. I hired my other attorney way back in October, but was in court a week or two ago. Now I'm represented for this accident. Well, Tandra and I are represented, I should say. I feel good about this attorney too, so we'll see what happens. Hopefully things start to happen.

On the more interesting side, he told her to start looking for a new car right away. So that's fun. Unfortunately for me, it's Tandra's car so she gets to pick it out. She'll get something fast, I think, but her idea of fast and mine are not the same, and I won't get to enjoy it very often since it's hers. Her idea of fast is straight acceleration. Me, I look for cornering stability, tight suspension, lack of body roll, all that, in addition to acceleration. So I guess we'll see what our options are. In any case, things are interesting and it looks like in the end my monthly expenses will go up because of this - something I can't afford. Not counting attorney fees. Whatever though, I mean, what can you do, right? Just keep plugging away.
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bro update

My brother called me at some point this morning and left a message. He missed his flight out of North Carolina this morning and ended up taking some other flight to Dallas. He hopes to make it into town by 6 or so, instead of the 1:45 he was looking at before. Maybe I'll get to go to the airport to pick him up this way, who knows. I hope he doesn't get all screwed up or anything.
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I'm a post-happy fool this afternoon

and I've decided to dedicate this post to aisling to say thanks. I'll quote her because I think this is cool enough that everyone should know it:
(Usual disclaimer: I'm not a doctor & this is anecdotal, not medical advice, blah, blah.)

Anxiety after drinking is often related to how alcohol depletes your vitamins B & C. Especially the Bs, which help to calm raw nerves. If you're drinking beer, this is particularly true, since vits B & C are water soluble.

So, when you get up in the morning, pop at least a stress-type-dose vitamin B (with food or lots of water/juice), and a chewable C is a good idea as well.
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