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December 16th, 2002


We moved this weekend. It's cool being in the new house but boy are we sore. We moved for 12 hours yesterday and unpacked for a couple more after that. We had 4 trucks and 4 cars and 10 people besides Tandra and I to help, so we got a ton of stuff moved. Not everything, but a lot. I'm happy and tired.

Dec. 16th, 2002

jesus fucking christ


it's costing me $90 to transfer my fucking cable. pricks.

That's what I thought, BITCH!

So I threatened to cancel my cable altogether and here's what I get:

"Sir, if you can hook everything back up yourself we can transfer you for $14.95."

Fuckers. That's what I thought.
not a damn thing is going on in LJ-land and it's boring me.
good god I'm tired. I am SO tired. I could just fall asleep right now. I need a nap.
If you don't have this version of Rudolph you should check it out. Good stuff.