December 17th, 2002

love to drive

At lunch we test drove a couple cars.

The 97 Accord was nice, a bit underpowered, suspension was a bit soft during quick adjustment maneuvers, and the front wheels plowed under acceleration.

The 2000 Grand Am was fast enough to make me dig it. It took curves well under acceleration. At one point, however, I was going about 70 around a tight lefthand curve when I started approaching a van. I applied the brakes, and when I did, the brakes seemed much more sensitive than I thought they should have been. Also the rear wheels decided they didn't want to be in the rear anymore and threatened to slide out to the right. I eased up on the brake and made a steering adjustment to the right and stabilized, but it illustrated an inherent issue in the physics and weight distribution of the car in terms of performance. Later I'll drive it again and try the same kind of move at a lower speed and hitting the brakes much harder. I'm interested to see if it wants to slide around again. I also didn't bother to try any quick maneuvers, like jerking the wheel during lane changes to test the suspension's reaction and such.

However, it is the car we want. We're calling the attorney to see what he can get from the insurance company.
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