December 19th, 2002

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In spite of the fact that we went to see LOTR last night, we still managed to get the bathroom put together and the kitchen mostly unpacked. I'm pretty happy about that.

What I'm not happy about is the fact that Tandra appears to be losing her job because of this car accident. Evidently, because she's been unable to work, they are letting her go. No FMLA, no short-term disability, just fired. And our attorney... I'm losing confidence in him. He's old and confused. I'm looking for someone else to handle the case. Someone who will go after everybody who's trying to fuck us up the ass.

I was thinking about this last night. It's like this fuckhead comes along and smacks Tandra's car and knocks her back out of alignment and knocks her right out of a job. All this BULLSHIT we're going through, none of which is our fault, because of this idiot. It's like this thing keeps getting worse and I'm fighting with people and having to hire lawyers and everything else and what do I get for my trouble? Attorney's fees? If we win, what do I get? I get to *not* get fucked. My reward, what I get out from putting all this time and effort and worry in, is to *not* get fucked. Maybe. What kind of shit is that? This fucker comes along and causes all this crap for me and now I have to work my ass off just to not get a dick in my ass? Fuck that. It's really frustrating. I don't even get to break even or end up where I was before, because inevitably I will have attorney fees or something, and just because they replace the car or whatever, that doesn't mean I'm like I would have been had the accident not happened. My insurance rate will go up even though none of this shit is my fault.

Goddamn insurance companies. You pay them every month for a service, but when it comes time for them to hold up their end of the deal their assholes pucker up like a kid with a sourball. Fucking pricks. And, when you do make a claim that's not your fault, your rate goes up anyway. What the fuck is that? I'd love to sue them for all this bullshit and win a precedent-setting decision where the insurance company has to pay me a zillion dollars in punitive damages. But not because of the money. Because then they would have to change the way they operate and maybe actually give out the service they claim to give. Maybe insurance companies would have to work with people instead of screwing them.
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update on Tandra

Well, Tandra went to an Osteopathic Doctor today. He cracked her bones and then instructed her not to go to work (for which she will lose her job). He also told her to "aggressively" pursue physical therapy, to begin Monday. Interesting.

For some strange reason, this gives me a good feeling more than a bad feeling. Maybe it's because I see the settlement climbing higher. Maybe it's because his opinion now lends credibility to her not working the last week and a half, in case anyone wants to challenge that. Maybe it's because she gets a vacation (which to me is pretty cool). I'm not sure which it is.
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