December 27th, 2002

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So, I don't remember if I said this already or not, but my landlord is trying to get me to pay him 3 grand for breaking my lease. His lawyers sent me this collection letter. I'm not being sued yet, but I'm sure I will be once I notify them that I have no intention of paying the rest of my lease. I imagine a judge will wind up deciding this thing eventually. I have to turn in my keys here shortly in order to hold up my end of the "I'll be out by the end of the year and you can try to re-rent the place" deal.

Christmas was cool. Got to see family from Kentucky, Texas, and Iowa.

I am very much looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. I am exhausted.

Um what the hell else is going on? It's nice and slippery outside, but it's supposed to get up to like 50 today, so that kills that.

I guess I'll make the Valentines day theme for my site. Maybe Spring too if I get to it.

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