January 7th, 2003

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this is what my pens look like, for anyone who cares

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So that show, Joe Millionaire, was pretty funny last night. It's hilarious to see all these gold diggers getting all aggressive and catty and competitive. The payoff for this is going to be great.

Today we're dealing with lawyers and insurance people and doctors. The insurance company said they can't continue the rental car which means mucho inconvenience as we start having to only use one car at lunch today, so we're on the phone to everyone trying to speed up this whole process. To quote Maggie Simpson, "suck, suck."

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oh yeah

The Japanese models are coming... like Jaws. The Lancer Evo VIII will have 271hp at the wheels and full-time four wheel drive. The RS and GSR trims will have six-speeds with a top speed over 165mph. Turbocharged, intercooled. Cost - Under $30k.

The Subaru Impreza STi is also coming. This is a 4-cyl turbocharged, intercooled boxer engine with 2.5 liters of displacement. Makes 300hp. That's three hundred horses, at the wheels, or 75 per wheel. Pretty nice. It's also got a manually operated water spray button for the intercooler for periods of hard driving. It has a mandatory close-ratio six-speed. SWEET! Cost - a little over $30k, and production of only 4000-5000 units.

Now all we need is an American Focus RS.
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