January 8th, 2003

bad guys go splat

Ok guys, my dad sent me a link to this video. It appears to be a legit targeting video from an AC-130 gunship, taken in Afghanistan. The text that came with the e-mail is as follows:

This is a video of a AC-130 Hercules in action in Afghanistan taking out some Al Qaeda operatives, with sound.

Weapons on AC-130U:

- One 25mm GAU-12 Gatling gun
- one L60 40mm Bofors cannon
- one M102 105mm cannon

Weapons on AC-130H:

- two M61 20mm Vulcan cannons
- one L60 40mm Bofors cannon
- one M102 105mm cannon

This shit is fucking AWESOME. So if you want to watch a bunch of terrorists getting blowed the fuck up, check it out.

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my voice mail is all effed up

First my voice mail called me... that was odd. Usually it goes the other way around.

Then the message was from this Albino lady I work with and I accidentally deleted it in the middle of hearing it, so I had to call her back and ask her to send it again.

Damn Albinos. They're ALL WHITE. They have an unfair advantage, socially I mean. There should be affirmative action to help us normal white people compete with the Albinos.

Anyway, she sent me the message again. When she did, I called my voice mail and put in my security code. My voice mail politely thanked me for calling and hung up on me.

I called it back and discovered that one of my favorite movie actors had called! Chris Tucker! You know, the guy with Jackie Chan in Rush Hour, or he was also in Money Talks with Charlie Sheen.

You know, this guy.

Apparently he's given up acting, gotten a sex change, joined the military, and is now a Sergeant stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas.

What a weird day.
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