January 10th, 2003


Bank is hesitant to make a loan on a salvaged title. I have to find a way to talk the guy down a little bit if I want the Cavalier. Plus I have to take it to a body shop to have it looked at. Plus I have to find out what the insurance will cost on it. Certainly more than the loan payment.

I was an hour late to work today. My boss doesn't like it when I'm late and he does shit like leaving a note on my desk that says "It's 8:40 AM, where are you? call me ASAP." He didn't give me too much shit about it and he was nice about it but it still annoys the shit out of me and now I have to work an hour late. It's not like I'm late on purpose and it's not like I think it's ok or don't care about it.

I got an e-mail from school telling me that they dropped me from the classes I was supposed to be enrolled in. I have to figure out what the fuck that's about. So that's irritating too. Everything is fucking annoying this morning. Except Tandra. She's cool.

I wanted to talk about how cuss words are versatile and I like that, but I started thinking that calling them "cuss" words sounds all hillbilly and redneck. What should I call them, curse words? I don't like something about that.

Maybe if I eat breakfast I won't be so cranky.
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I just made this up - it was a fun trip down memory lane:

You know you're an old schooler when you can remember
  1. When no one had a connection speed of 4800 baud because the modems were too new and expensive.

  2. When Zmodem was the new file transfer protocol.

  3. When Telix and Qmodem were the BBS dialup programs everyone used.

  4. When you had your own nighttime BBS on your home line running WWIV software.

  5. When multi-node BBS's with real-time chat were cutting edge.

  6. When you got excited about upgrading your monitor from 4-color CGA to 16-color EGA.

  7. When your dad's Texas Instruments computer with the cassette player as a data drive and an old black and white television for a monitor wasn't obsolete.

  8. ANSI graphics.

  9. Command line instructions for a Hayes modem. (ATH1L2DT and so on)

For any of you who are interested

Here's a news story from Yahoo! about some troop deployment to the gulf. My brother's ship is mentioned. He told us earlier this week that he would be deploying today so it's not a surprise. He's out for a minimum of 7 months, a max of 10.

He's on the USS Ponce.

You know, the more I think about this, the more it's kind of hitting home. Actually seeing it on the news and having his actual ship mentioned is making it very real to me. I know that he's in a position of relative safety, but you still get concerned, you know?

He said "I don't really want to go, but I'm going." He also said that he's starting to make some friends on the ship and I know that will help him tremendously. He and a friend got a hotel room one night last week, just to get away from the ship for a night, and I guess they sat up all night and just talked about the fact that they were about to ship out to the Gulf. Dan said just talking about it helped them both feel a lot better about it, so that's good.
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today sucks.

on the bright side, I'm now an adult and can have whatever I want for breakfast.

Here is breakfast:

Which, by the way, I'm finally getting to at 11 AM.
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I'm posting a lot because that's what I do when I'm in a crap mood and don't want to work.

I'm charged with finding some options for a project management software that's kind of basic and not too huge, flamboyant, or expensive. Any suggestions?
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