January 23rd, 2003

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Today is (again) the coldest day so far this year. The high will be 10 to 15 degrees, with windchills of -10 to -15. I don't know where you're from, but here that is motherfucking cold.

Yesterday was just as cold. On the way home from work I saw a cop driving around with his window down. What the fuck is that? Did he think he was tough? What a retard.

Last night was Old Chicago with scarletfirefly, trbobrick, vintagenerd, Dion, and Bruce. One of the best Wednesdays in a while, I must say. My favorite quote was probably from vintagenerd: "You need to die, with a spoon." It was much funnier in context.

My friend Miah that I always talk about is actually trbobrick, but don't bother going to his journal. He's never made an entry. I set that LJ account up for him so he could comment to mine (my journal is set to registered users only), at his request, and he's never used it. It's good to know that he's grateful and I'm not wasting my time. ;-)
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