February 7th, 2003

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Well, last night was interesting. I left work at 4:00 because I was so amazingly tired, so I went home to take a bath and a nap.

Later on, about 10:30, I left to go meet up with Miah. We cruised around in the BITTER freaking cold looking for photo ops and slippery spots. Got a couple shots, no ice, and finally got a call from Matt, Miah's friend. Matt was hanging out with Dan who lives in an old abandoned hotel building which they are slowly converting into apartments. (He lives in one of the apartments, not on an abandoned floor.) (It's the old Holiday Inn downtown for those of you who are local.) So we went there in the hopes of doing some urban exploration. We got to do a little bit, but Matt was drunk and was trying to break into locked places and things and Miah was uncomfortable so we didn't get to hang around very long.


While we were up on the top floor (on a balcony where some freak with a rifle started popping heads in the '70's) Miah saw something. When we left, he directed me to a parking garage adjacent to the apartment building. When we got to the top, somehow, IT WAS COVERED WITH FROZEN SNOW. ROCK. So I let Miah out with the video camera and I start making laps around the top of the thing, getting a feel for it, sliding, doing sweet rally-style 180 turns around the concrete walls. Great fun, but the slides didn't translate to video well. I was sliding a lot more than it looks like on the video. Anyhow, I decided to let Miah have a go at it. I hopped into the passenger seat for some in-car video. Miah made one lap and coming over the very top we saw the top of a big cargo van going down the other side. We got a little freaked out because it was one in the morning and the whole garage was empty. What was that guy doing up there? We discussed leaving but when we couldn't see the guy, we decided to do a little more sliding. We did that, and then we stopped so that I could get out and take some video of Miah. About that time two really bright lights hit us from behind - it was the van. So Miah guns it, 180-slides around the corner, 90-slides to the ramp that goes down to the floor below. Then he is driving figure-8s down the parking garage. So funny and so fun. We pull out of the garage to see a fat guy in a white polo shirt (that's a short-sleeved shirt, in roughly ten degrees and wind) walking towards the garage. We turn the opposite direction and as we do, he stops and turns around to go back where he came from, which is the Radisson Broadview hotel. Shortly after that, the big white van pulls out of the garage and goes over to the hotel too. Apparently security didn't like us sliding all over their parking garage. And here we thought we were in a fantastic place where almost no one could see us. We guessed that they must have had some kind of surveillance camera on the hotel that caught us. We also guessed that the van was 180 degrees opposite us on the parking garage for at least three laps. That's hilarious.

So - we got kicked out before we could get any cool photos. Or as Miah put it, "We didn't exactly get kicked out - more like, we ran around the foot as it tried to kick us." It was a fun end to a Thursday night.

And I'm buying the Pentax SFX(n) from him, which is the camera I've been using for the past few months anyway. It will be MINE. I gotta get some lenses and a lens cap.

Good times.

In closing, today's Foxtrot is great...

P.S. - I'm wearing my SPEED shirt today :-)
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At lunch I paid Miah for the camera, so I now own a Pentax SFX(n) with a 20-80mm lens. I went to the camera shop and bought a lens cap and a skylight for it. Skylight was mostly because there's a dent in the regular lens on the threads where you would screw in any accessory - that dent came from the camera being in the front seat when Tandra got in her wreck. Anyhow, screwing the skylight in there allows me to screw any further accessories onto the skylight instead of the damaged threads on the lens. And the skylight has a very minimal effect on the outcome of the photo. Helps prevent the lens from being scratched also.

Now I want a set of 3 macro add-on lenses ($49) and an 80-200mm telephoto ($129).

Good times.

Now I'm going to pretend being sick so I can go to the Home Show at Century II instead of going tomorrow when it will be mad busy.