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May 5th, 2003

Ok, here they come!

All shots taken with a Pentax SFX(n) using a 28mm-80mm zoom lens unless otherwise specified. Some with Kodak High Def 400, some with Kodak Max 200.

My walk along the riverCollapse )

more photos

More night shots including the fountain and moving lights at the new Warren downtown, a railroad shot, a church, a parking garage, and a building under construction.

More night shotsCollapse )
Just for coraleycoral, some more traffic shots.

drive fasterCollapse )
Miscellaneous shots of my dog, my lizard, my stuff, and a train.

Some stuffCollapse )
And finally, the lightning shots you've been waiting for.

lightningCollapse )

I hope to have more when I get the ones that came out panoramic sorted out and redeveloped properly.