May 8th, 2003

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I came to a dead stop on the bridge to take this picture because I wanted to talk about how hazy it is here and how that never happens except when a big dust cloud blows up from Oklahoma. Seriously, that happens. I mean, it is hot and sticky and cloudy and extremely humid and just gross outside. It's not super hot, it's probably only 75 or 80, but the clouds make it a big fucking greenhouse.

But look, look how weird this picture is. My digital camera sucks! The shutter speed is way slow, and apparently it SLOWLY captures information from top to bottom! Oh well, now I know I need to save up for a better one. Seriously, this shit with taking pictures and posting them right away and not having to wait for developing is sweet. I need to be able to do that with all my photos, not just the casual ones.

Power's back on.

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Ok guys, I have a big problem. A big one.

The good news: photochallenge is undeleted, just as I suspected.
The pseudo-bad news: This week's challenge is NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHS!!!

How am I supposed to choose one????

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me pick the best one!

Go here and look at them, please?

Okay, Okay, I'll narrow it down since I know you lazy bastards won't actually go to my site and look. But go anyway.

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Seriously. Please help me decide.

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hey snickersaddict -

Remember I asked you if there was some kind of macro you used to add your borders and stuff in Photoshop? I figured it out. Go to the help file (Help --> Contents or F1) and on the left where it says Automating Tasks, click that.