May 15th, 2003

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I am in a really strange mood today and I'm talking all kinds of shit to everyone, so if I've commented on your journal or I do at any point today with some shit talking or arguing or something, please understand I'm only trying to entertain myself (and doing a damn fine job I might add) and I don't mean anything personally. This particularly goes out to krets and anyone else whose journal I have only recently begun reading and possibly never before commented on so that you don't think I'm an asshole every day - it's just today.
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This week, all week, is the Wichita River Festival. Last night was the Music Fest, so instead of our usual Old Chicago ride, we headed downtown and rode around down there, listening to everyone playing music and whatnot. I shot about thirty pictures, around ten of which were even presentable. At least the ratio of usable shots with my digital camera has gone from 1:10 to 1:3. Of course that's purely a function of me knowing how crappy my camera is and compensating for it.

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Tonight there is a full lunar eclipse, relatively early in the evening. Totality will last about 53 minutes, during which time the moon will turn a deep brick red. Should be amazing. However, we have predictions for rain and other such weather involving clouds. On the off chance that the clouds clear, I will be at Miah's with my camera and my 80mm-210mm telephoto zoom lens with the 2x converter, effectively giving me a 160-420 telephoto lens. Of course my lenses will all be useless if Miah can acquire a t-ring for me, allowing me to attach my camera to a telescope. He works at the Science Education Center whose primary source of revenue (aside from amateur rocketry parts) is telescopes and accessories, so I think the odds of him coming up with that part are pretty good. We'll see if the clouds cooperate. If they don't, it's alright, because this year is a very rare year - we actually have two full lunar eclipses within this calendar year. The other one's in November.

I have bacon and eggs and potatoes and biscuits with sausage gravy and fruit with whipped cream and you don't.