July 2nd, 2003

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yeah, so I just want to say that NWA was right when they said FUCK the police.

I'll explain more tomorrow. Right now I'm going to bed.
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I am in a SHIT mood. I'm likely to do or say something really stupid if anyone pushes my buttons.

So last night I went out to take some pictures. I have some assignments from you guys and some assignments from 26 things. So it's about 11PM and I find this park, it's got some interesting lights and stuff in it. I park in a parking lot, directly under the one light there since my window won't roll up and I plan to be away from the car. There's a police substation on the other side of the park so I figure my car is probably pretty safe.

I wander around and only find one good shot, and then I go back to my car. I get in and leave, and as I'm pulling out, I see a cop car sitting with its lights off on a side road. I figure he's running a speed trap or something, so I keep it well under the speed limit. Well, whaddaya know, mister Officer Helper whips out behind me and lights me up. I have no idea why at this point.

So I sit there and it goes like it goes, license and proof of insurance and whatnot. Now my car is uninsured at the moment, but I have an insurance card that was sent to me at the beginning of my coverage period that says I'm covered through October. So I handed him that, and at least I didn't get ticketed for no proof of insurance. Anyway, apparently my tags are expired. Not just a little bit expired either, like TWO MONTHS expired. This would be due to the United States Post Office, who in their infinite wisdom will not forward your tag renewal to another address. Fucking assholes. And come on, how often do you look at your license tag? I don't, ever.

But that's not the shit thing. The shit thing is that while I'm sitting there, a second cop car rolls up and turns on its lights. Now at this point I know something bad is going on but I have absolutely no clue what. I call Tandra just to be safe and let her know where I am and what's going on, and while I'm on the phone with her, a third car rolls up. At this point I'm really freaking scared because I don't know WTF is going on. The officer comes back and asks me to step out (of fucking course).

Long story short, they frisked me (I made sure to point out that I was carrying two pocketknives) and even searched my fucking car meticulously. Well, I guess it doesn't count as meticulous if they skip the trunk altogether. They gave me the fucking third degree asking me all kinds of shit. I had to tell them about my previous dealings with the law, and that wasn't fun at all. Evidently the fact that I had been in a public park half an hour before they close was suspicious in some fucking way. Finally the guy let me go because of course he had nothing on me and my story checked out as far as having a tripod and a camera bag full of gear in the car.

Anyway, my tags are legitimately expired, so in addition to getting insurance tomorrow, I have to get that taken care of.

It just pisses me off because I was made to feel like some low-life thug who was up to no good, when in reality I'm a good citizen with a good job who was out pursuing a pretty damn good hobby. I guess I won't go into any more parks after dark, at least not that fucking one, because apparently doing so causes me to become a SUSPICIOUS CHARACTER.

The idiot officer even said that after seeing my car parked there he walked all over the park and couldn't find me. Dumbass. I was in among the buildings in the most well-lit part of the whole park.

One of my exes is a cop now. I thought about mentioning her name, but I decided not to because, well, I don't know if she hates me or not. It might be bad if they called her up to say "hey, do you know this kid," and she said some shit like "find some reason to arrest his ass". That wouldn't be good. Plus she works a different part of town from these guys. So I kept my mouth shut about that.

So that actually shook me up quite a bit. Sure, they were doing their fucking job and sure my tags are legitimately expired, fine, I have no problem with that. But the fact that they thought they had to roll up on me three deep and search my shit just doesn't sit well with me. It's been a long time since I've been in a position to get nervous or scared every time I see a cop, and that's not a place I'm anxious to go back to, especially since there's no real reason for me to have to feel that way.

So that was nice, then to add to that, I guess because it was the first thing on my mind this morning and I was all distracted, I left my freaking computer at home when I came to work. So that was nice. I snuck out and back home without telling my boss because, well, my boss is a dick and a Nazi and would have been an asshole about it. I seem to have gotten away with that little stunt pretty well though.

Now I just have to tell him I'm going to miss half of tomorrow. Between a doctor's appointment and getting my insurance reinstated and getting my tags renewed... I'm going to miss a chunk of time.

Anyway. I feel a little bit better after venting all this, but I'm still fucking irritated by the whole business.

And someone tell the post office they're being fucking retarded by not forwarding my shit.
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