July 9th, 2003

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Heads up everyone. The W32/Sobig.e@MM virus is pounding the crap out of us here at my work right now. We just signed up for a web-based e-mail filtering system, so I don't think any of our machines are actually being affected, but the thing is running wild and hitting me a few times per hour. Of course it's abusing some security flaw in Outlook or Outlook Express, so watch yourself.

Removal Tool at Symantec

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So, my tripod order was shipped July 7th at 7:05 PM. By 10:08 AM on the 8th, it had been from NYC to Philly to Newark, NJ and landed in Des Moines, IA. That's about 15 hours.

Now it's been sitting in Des Moines for almost 27 hours.

Fuckers. They could have gotten it here yesterday, probably, with no trouble. But no, they have to gouge you if you want that service.

I just want my tripod.

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Last night I dumped lubricants into my car, and today my car is much happier. Much love to aisling, without whose pestering urging, I would probably not have made it as much of a priority. She was lower on both fluids than I thought. (The car, not aisling!!) So, thanks!