July 11th, 2003

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I am so glad it's Friday. Very much so.

I put together the new computer desk last night. Unfortunately, Matt told us that his store doesn't have anything made of particle board, and this thing is most definitely particle board. On the bright side, I like the desk quite a bit, it looks and feels better than the old one, and it holds both the scanner and the printer without any trouble.

Now I only have 4,389 things left on my list of projects to get done this weekend.

piper11521 - My Internet connection in the bedroom is still faint to nonexistent. Fuck getting an audio stream - I can't even get Hotmail. I'll be calling you later today so you can send a tech out. I'm interested to know the status of the rest of the cable modems on my node and whether or not they ever found anything wrong with it, or if it's the connection in the bedroom.

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Remember this from first grade?

"What's grosser than gross?"
"A dead baby in a trash can what's grosser than that?"
"Ten dead babies in a trash can what's grosser than that?"
"A live one at the bottom what's grosser than that?"
"Eating its way out"

I was reminded of that as I got into the car for lunch today because I thought to myself, "What's grosser than gross?" "A car that smells like sour milk."

After that though, things got better.

Over lunch I:
  • Got to eat leftover Old Chicago pizza (my favorite)

  • Discovered that Tandra will be working tonight, leaving me free to go out and take pictures for 26 Things and my list of assignments from you guys

  • was given $200 by Tandra

  • discovered that not only is my internet connection in the bedroom functional, it is BLAZING (piper11521, I don't know what you did, if anything, but THANKS!!!)

I think today was the Super Bowl of lunch hours.

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When I log into my Hotmail and it shows me the "Today on MSN" link, why is one of the stories "10 signs you're pregnant"??

Isn't there basically only ONE sign you need to worry about?

I mean, being pregnant isn't like diagnosing a mental condition or something, it's not like "if at least 60% of factors A through F are present, then we can reasonably conclude that the patient most likely..." I mean, either you are or you aren't.