July 16th, 2003

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Of course, I should mention with regard to those thunderstorms... when the actual cloudburst from them hit, when I was still inside Old Chicago, my front passenger side window was still stuck rolled all the way down (finally got it fixed this morning, yay for A/C). When I went out to my car, the rain had been so intense that EVERYTHING was soaked, there were raindrops clear over on the driver's side of the dashboard and the inside of the driver's side door, and a PUDDLE (i.e. standing water) on the floor on the passenger side in the BACK seat. (???) And it had rained for less than ten minutes.

Fortunately when it's 291 degrees outside every day, it doesn't take long for that to evaporate and dry up. Couple days is all it took.

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Oh, and in regard to the pictures of hundreds of fireflies - well, see, last Wednesday one of the things I did was slip and fall on my ass in the mud. Got my camera all muddy and dirty too, which worried me quite a bit. When I got home I simply rewound the roll that was in there, which only had two shots on it, the firefly shots. I just wanted to get that film out of there so I could clean the camera up. Unfortunately, the camera stopped rewinding before the roll was actually rewound, and of course I had no way of knowing that until I opened the film compartment and exposed them. So, those shots are nonexistent.

I did, however, clean my camera sufficiently (using windex, paper towels, q-tips, and toothpicks) and it appears to be in perfect working order, which is a huge relief. I would have cried if dirt had gotten into the mechanics of the camera.