July 21st, 2003

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well, Day 3 was today. Slept in late, went to breakfast with Tandra, didn't get out to the launch site till about 2. Still hot, but much more tolerable with the wind and cloudiness. The orange porta potty flew, as did Miah's rocket. I got fantastical pictures of both. Good times. The mass launch of 288 tiny rockets also went off - evidently they never got it figured out yesterday. I think my picture of that was too slow though. That launch was completely underwhelming.

Tomorrow I go early - two rockets should fly with engines four times larger than anything I've seen so far this weekend.

Or ever, now that I think about it.

I didn't shoot a single digital shot today. Thought about taking video, but the only stuff I could take crappy video of I chose to take good quality stills of instead.

I've gotten a lot of sun, but thanks to sunscreen I am only tan and hardly burnt. Which is pretty good for being out in the hot ass sun for three days straight now.

Good night.