July 31st, 2003

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Ok, I'm about to justify turning my journal into an advertising space for a moment.

The other day I got an e-mail from this guy who is the marketing director for Moonshine Music. This is a label I've been following for a few years now, and they've got some of my favorite trance DJs signed, including Ferry Corsten, who is one of my favorites.

This e-mail basically said that if I advertise this new Ferry Corsten album on my LJ, they'd send me a free copy of it. Now, ordinarily, I'd tell someone like that to eat yellow snow, but in this case I'm not going to because A) We all know that trance and electronic music don't get enough exposure in the States as it is and I'm always willing to help out, and B) I really want a free copy of the album. So here you go.


The album is by Ferry Corsten, it's called "Mixed Live: Spundae @ Circus, Los Angeles"
Go buy it here.


Seriously, I wouldn't do this shit if it wasn't one of my favorite trance artists. I actually think it's pretty cool that I was contacted by them.
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So this kid in Colorado gets busted for Smokin in the Boys Room and when he gets sent to the principal's office, he completely explodes and goes nucking futs and cusses the guy up one side and down the other. Well, they file some kind of charges, disorderly conduct or something which was later amended to interfering with a school official or something like that.

Well, evidently, that wasn't good enough for the kid's overly ambitious Public Defender, who decided that the kid was the victim of a speech crime and proceeded to draft a full history of the word FUCK in an attempt to get this kid off the hook.

The document is called MOTION TO DISMISS: THE CONSTITUTIONALITY OF FUCK, "FUCKER", AND "FUCKING FAG" which I think is damn funny.

Ya gotta read it.

Thanks to The Smoking Gun.
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Flash Mobs

(I'm getting caught up on shit I wanted to post while I was sick, but didn't feel like dicking with)

Have you guys heard of this? It's this guy in NYC who sends out these secret e-mails to people, and they will congregate somewhere for no apparent reason, do some completely weird thing, and then just disperse again. I LOVE IT. The guy said something like "It turns all of New York City into one giant toy". I first heard about it at Yahoo news - here's the link.
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26 things checklist

26 things checklist:

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I want a free or shareware application that will make sure that selected files on two computers are synchronized. For example, on both my work PC and my home PC, my E: partition is dedicated to MP3s. If files A, B, and C exist on both computers, and I download file D to my work PC and file E to my home PC, I want this application to look at these two partitions and make sure that they both have all five files, A through E. Or, maybe to make sure that the contents of My Documents are the same on both computers. Anyone know of a program that does that?