August 5th, 2003

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You know what phrase I'm really sick of hearing people say? "The next level." "Let's take this to a whole new level." "He took it to a whole new level." FUCK. Come up with something else please. I've heard that stupid phrase used at least ten times in the last two days. A new level of what? Of hell? Dante's Inferno? Seventh level of hell. I think the eigth level consists of having to hear people say "a whole new level" over and over again for eternity.

And another thing. I know I'm about fifteen years behind on this one, but I was looking at designs for personal checks and one of them was called "Save the Children". What the fuck is up with that? Save the children? Is that like Save the Whales? Are kids an endangered species now? Are they going to go extinct if we don't watch where we dump our toxic waste?


I had a really telling dream last night. I dreamt that I was in jail. It was for something minor, I believe I was in my car looking at a construction site I wasn't supposed to be looking at or something, but they tossed me in jail, and because I had a prior record, there was the potential that I might have to do a lot of time. And anyway, I had no way of getting out before trial and all that sort of thing, so I was looking at at least a couple months. Saw a couple people in there that I know from real life - people I honestly wouldn't be surprised to encounter in jail. I had the same guard all the time, and at one point the guard, without telling me beforehand, decided to be nice and bend the rules for me and let my parents come in and see me. As in, not talking through the monkey glass on the phone, but come in and physically see me and hug me and stuff. My mom was crying hysterically, which is not really like her. I really started to feel despair in this dream though - I mean, it was a long dream, probably half the night. I started to feel that despair of knowing that I hadn't really done anything wrong, that I was basically a good person, but I was looking at a lot of incarceration and it was completely out of my control. That sucked. But the most interesting part of the dream was this - and I didn't notice this until the guard let my parents in - the guard was my boss here at work.

Interesting. I don't feel that badly about my job or my boss, at least not consciously.

Then I woke up 15 minutes before I was supposed to be here because my alarm clock didn't work right again.

need opinions since I have none of my own

I'm stealing bandwidth and images. I'm a hypocrite, but at least I'm not trying to conceal it.

Anyway, here are the checks I'm getting:


I can add a personalized message to them. I was thinking of one of the following:
  • paying bills bugs me
  • Bug off.
Which should I get, or are they both lame and I should just skip it?
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On the remote rural road that goes to Argonia (where the rocket launch was) there is a sudden S-curve in the road. Some chick didn't see it one night and missed it entirely. Rolled her car out into the middle of a field where it burned. Everything that wasn't metal is gone.

You can see in this picture how far away the asphalt curves off. She really had to have been hauling ass (and why not, it's a rural highway).

I hear she walked away.

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well, I'm way behind the curve, but stereolabrat is fucking funny and you should check her out. High entertainment value for your LJ dollar.
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I really like the checks I got, but I wish the people who made these were still in business:

Whoa, that makes a really cool optical illusion.
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