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August 7th, 2003

okay, someone please make my head stop hurting.


so our phones were completely on the fritz yesterday. like, i'm sitting here at one point and my speakerphone activates and starts ringing like i've called someone, even though i haven't touched the phone in hours. i pushed all the buttons and picked it up and hung up and finally had to unplug it.

so they figured out that there was a broken repeater in a manhole somewhere. promised it would get fixed last night and that our phones would be working by today.

only, oops, the manhole guy got HIT BY A CAR and our phones are still broken.

damn. about the guy, that is. i don't care about the phones so much - means fewer people bugging me to do work and other such shit i don't really care to be doing.

Aug. 7th, 2003

So, remember my friend jenniker who made little miss bandwith whore's image really funny? Her site, jenniker.com, now has an RSS feed you can add to your friends page. Moveable Type is cool.


(It still needs a bit of work to make the entries not truncate, but it will be fixed shortly, I suspect.)
See, that's what I get for immersing myself in work to keep my mind off shit... I'm all caught up now.

I shouldn't say that - I'm sure there's some really annoying big project I need to be working on that I've forgotten about.
/me enjoys a very nice mix set on DI.fm
/me goes to get a Dr Pepper
/me considers the complexities of the universe
/me longs for a beer
/me remembers last night's headache
/me reconsiders the beer
/me realizes what he's doing and reconsiders reconsidering the beer
/me decides that's what Advil is for
/me plans to be with friends tonight
/me posts a lot lately
/me needs a good user icon to represent trance music