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August 13th, 2003

"Look how big my boobies are! Obviously this qualifies me to run the entire state of California! I base my entire self-worth and self-image on my titties! Everyone else decides who they like on the same criteria, don't they? Then I'm a sure winner for governor!"

I mean, not like she has a chance in hell, but still... how humiliating, and she doesn't even know it.

Unless she's doing it as a gag, in which case it just isn't funny.
There is a strange sound coming from the other room like someone is shooting whistling bottle rockets.

I'm not sure some of the things that were said last night should have been said. I'm really confused about everything. But she was right when she said we don't have to figure it all out right now.
holy shit, this is funny:

Ralph Nader was endorsing one of the plethora of gubernatorial candidates in California this morning at a press conference when someone busted in and hit him in the face with a cream pie.
I haven't looked at any of the communities I'm in for days. I just don't feel like it. I'm half tempted to leave them all because I really don't care too much about them.
That thing about Nader getting cream pied reminds me of some shit I did when I was too young to drink. Some friends and I were bored and had about ten bucks between us so we bought some film, batteries, styrofoam plates and whipped cream. We drove around Old Town one Saturday night and one guy who was riding shotgun would jump out and cream pie someone in the face, just some random person who was out walking around, and I would be driving, sitting on the driver side door with the window open. As soon as they turned around I'd snap a picture, dude would dive in the car and we'd tear off. It was great. We got in a couple scuffles, but it was hilarious. Good times.