August 14th, 2003

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So, thanks to some prodding from squarecircle, I believe I'm going to pursue an option I've been thinking about for a while. I'm going to look into renting out my house and moving into an apartment. Hopefully I can charge enough rent for the place to cover my mortgage and my rent, and I can get some bills paid off really quickly.

Just something I'm thinking about. Going to make some phone calls today about that.

a daydream

  • An old (80s or early 90s, mechanically sound) conversion van with enough storage for some camping and photography equipment.

  • Take out one of the captains chairs in the middle area and build a computer desk that folds up against the side, including power supply and a small lamp, and a desk for a normal keyboard and mouse. Also a place to sit the laptop. If I'm going all-out, a flat panel monitor and docking station as well.

  • A nice digital camera.

  • The rear bench folds down into a bed I can sleep comfortably on.

  • strap my bike to the back or top.

  • XM radio

  • a radar detector and a new set of tires.
And I would hit the mutha fuckin road.

I would like to, after I get my debts paid off, build up that van and save up some money to go traveling for a while. I hope this thing with renting out my house works out.