August 18th, 2003

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I had one hell of a weekend.

Went grocery shopping
Got hair cut
Went over to Miah's and played video games until 4 AM
Came inches from splattering a deer all over the on-ramp

Woke up at noon (ahhh, weekends)
Bummed around watching TV and eating breakfast
Miah called to tell me X-Games was on
Watched X-games
Got in the shower in preparation to go to Miah's
Shit, I have to interrupt abbreviated mode now. I got out of the shower to find that Tandra had called me. See, she was supposed to leave Saturday to go to Kansas City, then St Louis, then Chicago, then Kent, Ohio. She's driving one of her friends there because he's going to Kent State. So it was her and two friends (one to drop off and one to ride back with). She calls me from Emporia which is about 90 miles from here and informs me that the car is broken down. Fuck. Great. So in this scenario, the obvious course of action is to call the warranty people to get roadside assistance, which Tandra did. Apparently, Triad, the company who I paid $1100 for a 3-year warranty, is GOING THROUGH A BANKRUPTCY. So, effectively, I paid $1100 for a fucking worthless warranty. Couldn't get shit done. Tandra and her friends rented a car to go the rest of the way, and my dad and I had to cancel our plans for the evening, rent a car dolly, and drive to Emporia and tow the damn car back here. Tandra managed to get the car to the Mercury dealership in Emporia who were kind enough to run a free diagnostic on it - evidently the fuel pump is shot. They wanted $450 to replace it, but I said fuck that. I'm going to see what I can get done here instead.

So yeah, there's a fat dick in my ass right now.

I went down to the dealership that sold us the car Saturday to find out what the fuck I was supposed to do about my bogus warranty and they've referred me to the reps for Triad, the bankrupt auto warranty company. Also they said that Triad, the bankrupt auto warranty company, should be bonded and that the funds should be there and that eventually, I should get my money for this.

Problem is I don't have the up-front fundage to take care of this.

So that's ass. Resuming abbreviated format:
Dropped off the car at the mechanic, the car dolly at U-Haul, and got back to my car
Went to Miah's and played video games until about 2 AM

Woke up & cooked breakfast for myself (eggs, bacon, and potatoes o'brien)
Watched my new Ferry Corsten cd with DVD bonus (which is sweet and makes me want to go to club Spundae in L.A. real bad)
Went over to Miah's to watch X-Games, cook meat loaf on the grill, watch more X-games, and play video games
After that we went downtown and went biking for a couple hours. That was nice, haven't had a late night summer session downtown in quite a long time.

So aside from the car thing, I had a pretty good weekend.

While I was at my parents house waiting for my dad to get back with the car dolly so we could go get the car, I decided to post in my LJ about what was going on. I was pissed and needed to vent. So I log onto my parents shitty slow Pentium 400 and their shitty slow dialup connection, and after about five minutes I figure out that LIVEJOURNAL is blocked by a FAMILY FILTER. And not a filter on the client-side - this is a filter put in place by their ISP. Apparently my parents CHOSE that ISP, and they LIKE the filter.

DOUBLE WTF?? I mean, no kids live there! My youngest sibling is 22! What do they need a damn filter for?

And, plus, LJ is blocked?? Ass.

I so wished I had a paid subscription to audblog so I could just call it in. Wednesday though, I will have it.

I have a shitload of work I'm avoiding. Bye now.

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oh yeah, and I bashed the holy hell out of my shin last night while riding. I slipped a pedal and it came up and whacked me in the bone. It was so loud that until it started hurting, I thought the sound had been the pedal hitting the concrete step. I have metal pedals, not plastic ones. Within 60 seconds I had a goose egg that was raised probably half an inch off my leg, it was insane. It didn't hurt for very long though.
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Why are everyone else's shitty business practices fucking ME IN THE ASS?

I just got a call from the people who I ordered checks from. You know, the ones with bugs and roaches and stuff. The people who do their printing for them closed their doors overnight and it's going to be late September or early October before they can get the order out to me. They offered to send my money back and everything, so that's cool, I have no problem with the check people themselves - just their printers.

I only have six checks left. That's not enough to last me six weeks.

GOD DAMMIT. FUCK. I'm going to quit my life and become a traveling bum, I swear to god I am.
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