August 20th, 2003

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I have just returned from a late-night photo shoot. I went out of town to capture the red half-moon rising over the many lights of the Vulcan Chemical plant. I used my longest telephoto lens in an attempt to stack the items close together. I think I did a reasonably good job.

It was very nice despite the gusty wind. I had to hang my camera bag from my tripod to stabilize it even though it's a very stable tripod inherently.

More importantly, even though "the moon" isn't a terribly creative subject, it's good that I had the inspiration to go do photography at all. I haven't been inspired in the least since Tandra and I broke up.

I slept again this evening from just after 7 PM to around 9:30. I really like this schedule because it allows me to be awake later at night and still make it to work in the morning. I've missed the peaceful stillness of night.
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I'm rebelling against myself and I have a Dr Pepper this morning. Hopefully I won't be plagued with guilt later. ;-)

it's early...
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