August 22nd, 2003

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It is Friday, I am in a good mood, and I have a weekend that's CHOCK FULL OF EXCITEMENT!!!


Oh yeah, look for audio posts this weekend. I have a couple reasonably cool ideas for them. Of course I won't be able to come in right away and edit them to say what they are, so they will just look generic and say "audio post" or something, but listen to them. The mp3 files are in the lowest quality format possible, so the filesizes won't be too big for you dialup folks.

Yes, I bought a subscription. I thought it was cool. If you bastards don't listen, then I wasted NINE FRIGGING DOLLARS OF MY LIFE, so listen. I'll try really damn hard not to waste your time, but no promises since that's subjective.

Good times.

Oh yeah! oh yeah! I almost forgot!

I made a comlpetely insane decision yesterday. Totally and utterly nuts. I enrolled for 12 hours at school. Last time I took 12 hours while working was a year ago and I was a basket case. I've got American Government (hopefully a pud course since I took that my Sr yr in HS) as a telecourse, meeting five times this semester on Monday nights. I've got General Biology Tuesday nights and Thursday nights in Mulvane, which means I have to get off work at 5 and be in Mulvane with dinner in my tummy by 7 PM twice a week. Fun, fun. Also this will be my first ever science class in anything other than Earth science. I managed to squeek through high school with absolutely no chemistry, biology, or physics. So this should be interesting.

I also have an 8-week course, Lifetime Fitness. Should be pud. And I have General Psych online. So my weeks will be filled with classes and my weekends filled with homework. I'm going to enjoy this last weekend of freedom before everything goes to SHIT!
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Ok, well, Miah's car is acting strange and I'm not going to be back in town until very late Saturday night/Sunday morning, so I guess we're going to skip the SCCA event at the Greyhound Park. That's too bad, because I've never seen them race there and I'm interested to see what they can do with a much bigger parking lot. I was also going to make an audio post of us running the course one time. Oh well.

The car is paid for and acquired. Seems to be running okay, so far. Check Engine light has gone away, so I suppose that's a good thing. My wallet is $130 lighter though, with another $100 owed to my dad. Bah.

I AM FRIGGING BORED! I have nothing to do. Get me the hell out of here. Show me something entertaining to do/read/see/watch/accomplish while I'm sitting here. Don't let me go get munchies out of sheer boredom!

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In spite of gallant efforts by archschnitz and ginaree12, you have failed me. I now have before me, waiting to be consumed, the following:

One bottle of Dasani water
One bag of chili-cheese fritos
One Advil liqui-gel
One Wal-Zan 75

At least I was disciplined, spent the extra 50 cents and didn't get Dr Pepper.