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September 18th, 2003

7.5 hours till vacation!

Only TWO DAYS till Denver!

Four days till Eddie!

Woo-hah. How the hell am I ever going to get through this day? I gotta find something to keep me busy. Other than work, I mean.

Woke up this morning to a thunderstorm. Very nice. It passed through pretty quickly though, and when I came to work the roads weren't even wet, only the gutters. It is nice and cool today though, at least so far.

I get paid tomorrow, but I need $300 more than I'm getting. Anyone want to donate?

Didn't think so. Bunch of cheap-ass bastards. Won't even help a brotha out.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot - so my brother is a FUCKING DUMBASS. He requested leave to come home, but they denied it because they needed to take his ship out to sea to get away from the hurricane. So his stupid ass decides he wants to come home anyway, and he did. Retard. So yeah, my brother is AWOL. He intends to go back when he was planning to go back, and you're not considered a deserter until you've been gone for 30 days, but still. He's the one in the Navy so I'm sure he has a better feel for what the consequences of this will be than I do, at least the immediate consequences. I know he said something about getting half pay, shit duty, and something else all for 45 days, and he'll probably get demoted. Also there was a test he was going to take today. Passing that test would have gotten him a new position, which obviously gets him out of the one he hates right now. Now that he did this, he won't have the opportunity to take it again for a year. A YEAR. What?? Going home for a week because you hate your job makes it worth it to stay in that job you hate for another year?? I don't know if he knows that this will dog him his entire military career, and potentially beyond that. I'm very disappointed. So after I chew his ass for a minute, we're going to play video games tonight and hang out tomorrow.

Sep. 18th, 2003

I just found out that there's a Monday Night Football game in Denver the same night I'm going to be there at the Eddie show. So close, but so very far away. God, that would be cool. Maybe I'll run into Al Michaels or John Madden.

yah right.

It's almost chilly outside, and overcast. I love it.
Apparently this shot has been making the rounds on the internet. It backs up everything I've ever said about Wichita because it was taken here.

ArchSchnitz (3:25:26 PM): "you were in military service? well I was in miltary service too, so we will act like old soldiers and pretend we're better than everyone else because we require ordered lives that are dictated on a daily basis by a force outside of ourselves because we are brainless nimrods"
See, I used to say "fiddy cent" all the time. Like, I had the urge to just now. I wanted to say "someone spot me fiddy cent for I can get me a candy bar" But now I can't do that anymore, since that big-toothed gangsta made it all popular and people will think I'm paying some sort of weird tribute to him. Damn hip-hop artists and their slang. Screwing up my game.
jesus christ, I can't stop posting.

Okay, the weather has cooled down today, and thanks to SOMEONE I'm all thinking about winter now. Ok, fall was nice, I'm ready for snow now!

For those of you who weren't around last winter, here's what I like to do when it snows:

51 minutes till vacation
I just sent this e-mail to the entire facility:
"I will be out of the office tomorrow, 9/19 through Tuesday, 9/23 returning on the 24th. I will be thoroughly unavailable via cell phone or e-mail because it's my vacation. See you when I get back!"