September 24th, 2003

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I'm back! Eddie was great, the Poetry Slam was great, Denver was great. This post will be long and all the images will be under a cut. You click to see one, you get them all. I highly recommend it.

Denver, day one (Saturday)

Well, we didn't leave Wichita at 9. We didn't even get out of bed until 10:30. We finally got in the car around noon to run the final errands (get gas, buy film and munchies, etc) and head out. Fortunately right before we left town it occurred to me that we probably ought to go back home and get the freaking TICKETS to the freaking SHOW. That would have sucked a fat one. So we did that and finally hit the road.

Nothing much really to say about the drive. It was long. Took about eight hours to get there. I had warned Tandra that we would be driving right into the sun as it set pretty much due West. Things started getting interesting about an hour into Colorado though. The temperature started getting cooler and a cloud came over the horizon. It blocked the sun at just the perfect time, when it would have been right in our faces, and the sun's rays were exploding out from behind it in all directions. Even along the horizon we could see past this cloud, see the bright yellow of the sun as it lit up other clouds, farther away, squeezed into that little space between the bottom of the bigger cloud and the horizon. It was amazing. We were so excited to see the mountains that we took pictures like this one:

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(I edited it so you could actually see the mountain there.) That picture really doesn't do justice to the clouds and the sunlight that were visible. We rolled into Denver just as the sun went down. (That sounds like the beginning of a song.)

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I had hoped to get into town early enough to catch a photo of the sun setting behind the mountains with Denver's downtown skyscrapers in the foreground, but we were about half an hour too late for that, and I was busy the other two evenings. Anyhow, this is when the real fun began.

See, I had reserved a room for us at a Youth Hostel. I really didn't know what they were, I just knew I could shower and sleep for really cheap there. Then when I called to make the reservation, I found out we could stay at the Bed and Breakfast which was owned by the same people. So I'm thinking "score, bed and breakfast for super cheap!" So I made the reservation.


Little did I know that this was a nasty greasy unorganized shelter for traveling hippies and that the bed and breakfast was nothing more than another building for the same purposes. Our room was about the size of a jail cell and was disgustingly dirty. I looked at Tandra and said "do you hate me?" and she said "I think I'm going to cry." So needless to say that was not an option. We (sort of, not really) made up a story about how there was something there we were allergic to and that we couldn't stay there. The bastards would only refund one of the three nights, so I lost $80 on that failed venture. Oh well, at least now I know better. After making a few phone calls from said disgusting small room, my dad saved our asses by getting us a real hotel room on his credit card. Have I mentioned I love my dad? I can't count the number of times he has saved me all kinds of trouble and bullshit.

We were pretty beat by then, so we scrapped our plans to check out a club called The Church (which plays trance music, from what I hear), and we drove over to the hotel, unpacked our shit, made a quick run to Subway, and crashed out, just happy to be in Denver in a clean bed in a clean room.

Denver, day two (Sunday)

We rolled out of bed around 9 and left the hotel at 10, ready for a day of exploration and fun. I had heard about this place called Bump and Grind where we could get breakfast until 2 PM, and on weekends the whole staff dressed in drag. So we decided to check it out. The rumors were true and it was just a riot. Such a cool place. House music on the stereo, sexual innuendoes everywhere, and waiters in drag, some of whom were prettier than some girls I've met. Oh, and the food was FANTASTIC. They even had vegan food, which although Tandra isn't vegan, generally agrees with her stomach, so that worked out really well. I'm pretty sure everyone assumed Tandra was my fag hag, but that's alright. I didn't mind.

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So that was all kinds of fun. Then we went shopping at a couple of places to try to find Tandra something to wear to the show, but we were both eager to get up into the mountains. We just hopped on I-70 and went West until we saw stuff that looked like fun, and wound up on the Lariat Loop scenic byway. There were a lot of people on there being that it was a Sunday afternoon, but it was still fun. All kinds of TWISTIES!! I got to drive up and down the twisties!! It was so cool! I don't have any good pictures of them yet, but here are a couple ideas:

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Here is a shot from mapquest, a satellite photo of the road:

It's the light colored one that goes from the residential area and twists around to the bottom of the photo. Too bad you can't really tell just how high that actually was. What a fun drive. There was one really good spot where I was hauling ass and one of the mountain bikers yelled at me to slow down as I whizzed past him at like 40 or 50. I didn't though. I mean, I get what he was doing, but he didn't get what I was doing. Too bad. There were a lot of cyclists up there, which also looked like fun, and damn good exercise considering there is NO AIR UP THERE!! I give much credit to any team who beats the Broncos at home, they really do have an advantage up there.

As we got up towards the top of the mountain there, we saw stuff that looked like this:

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That's actually Golden, CO. Denver proper is on the other side of those big hills, through that valley. The huge facility you see in the center there is the Coors brewery. No wonder the shit tastes like piss, it comes from a factory, not a brewery! It was impressively large though. Before this, I didn't know that Golden was just a suburb of Denver. Golden itself is a great, charming little town nestled right up against the foothills of the rockies. If it wasn't built around Coors, it would be a great place.

As we continued up the loop, we got to a place where we could see back down the other side of the hill we were on, and we saw this:

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