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September 26th, 2003

Sep. 26th, 2003

It's Friday and I really don't want to work. Someone entertain me.

Seriously. Mini-golf, TradeWars (actually I've never played that in my life), conversation, something. On AIM I'm BsyChld424. Holla.

Oh yeah - I'm way better than yesterday, you gaggle of uncaring fair-weather fucks who only comment when I'm in a good mood and not when I'm bummed. Screw you all.

Oh yeah, P.S., I'm SERIOUSLY JONESING to play Spades with someone. Online would work, but really I want to play here locally. I want to set up a card table or sit at someone's dining room table and drink beer and play some serious trash-talking Spades. I have a partner ready so I only need two more people, but you obviously have to be local. Someone HOLLA AT ME!

In other news, my chiropractor is god.

Sep. 26th, 2003

I just perused my info and noticed that a bunch of people added me who I hadn't added back. So, hello to the new folks!

Today at lunch I believe I will go home and play some PS2.

jacked from democritus

  1. Make yourself an omelette: Three eggs. Green onions, bell peppers (red, yellow, green, and orange, for prettiness), I believe I'd have to go with a sweet onion over a red onion, preferably Vidalia onions. Add real bacon (not bac-os), cream cheese, and freshly sliced mushrooms, portobello if I've got them. Season with kosher salt, freshly ground pepper, and some Essense of Emeril. Top with shredded colby/jack.

  2. Make yourself a sandwich: My dagwood: Roast beef, honey ham, and turkey, all deli sliced, with provolone and swiss, on croissant with miracle whip and a thin spread of honey mustard. That or the Subway Classic Italian with everything.
  3. Make yourself a salad: Homemade pasta salad with chopped bell peppers, black olives, seasonings, and an oil & vinegar dressing.
  4. Make yourself a sundae: Soft vanilla ice cream with glazed strawberries and chocolate chips, with some whipped cream on top. And a cherry.
  5. Make yourself a drink: My favorite question. Right now I'm all about the New Belgium Sunshine Wheat with a slice or wedge of ORANGE in it.
Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music

This thing is awesome. 140 genres, 635 (over two hours) music samples. If you think all techno sounds the same, go check this out.
hey, no fucking fair! I found it before MetaFilter did!