October 27th, 2003

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It's too early in the day for LJ to be running this slowly. This isn't supposed to happen until after lunch. Hell, most of the Pacific timezone isn't even at work yet!
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for some reason I'm craving those lime-flavored tortilla chips.

you know, the ones that are called "hint of lime" but really ought to be called "turn your freaking face inside out with mass puckerage because they are so incredibly sour from being dusted with magical lime dust" flavor.

yeah, those.
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Interesting LJ stuff for those of you who don't visit the front page of the website or have lj_news on your friends list:

"We have a new feature available for users with paid accounts: posting by email. [ROCK]

Check out the configuration and instructions for more info.

We also made this feature available to early adopters, because I've been wanting to do this since the beginning, and the early adopters should have had it then. :-)

In the coming weeks we plan to improve this feature with new authentication options and attachment support (so you can post pictures from camera phones).

Oh, and props to our new code monkey for most the work on this new toy.


Update: Many people are asking about the delayed comment notifications over the last few days.

We used to have 2 email servers, even though we only needed 1. Then 1 blew up the other day, and the 1 surviving one wasn't enough to keep up with all the email and got behind.... so now we have 3 mail servers online, but that one burdened one is still catching up, sending out many-day-old mail. You'll continue to get old mail for a while, but it should catch up soon. We're going to be redoing our mail architecture, though, after seeing how easily our existing setup died."
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So one of these fires in San Diego was started, apparently, by a hunter who got lost and either fired a signal flare or started a signal fire in the hopes of being found.

"I'm going hunting out into the dry tinderbox forest that hasn't been rained on in five months, see you guys later. You want anything while I'm out? No? Okay. No, I don't want the compass. No, I don't need a map. GPS? No, I'll leave it here. I'm good. I won't need it. Oh, alright, I'll take the FLARE GUN along, just in case, so you don't have to worry about me getting lost."

"Just give me the FIREBALL GUN so I can take it into the dry forest."

"Just let me take the FLAME THROWER out there, just in case."

A guy is asking me what I would have done in this guy's situation. Seriously, some idiot on the DI.FM message board is taking up for this retard. So I answered him. I would do ANYTHING... EXCEPT to LOB A FIREBALL INTO THE DRY FOREST. Use the sun, or if it got late enough, the stars, to determine directions. Study a map of the area beforehand, or be somewhat familiar with it. Know how the hell to get out of there. My take is, if you're going to venture out away from civilization, deep into the woods, you better know some survival skills. Having the good idea to randomly fire a flaming object into the air while surrounded by forest that hasn't seen moisture in five months does not qualify as a survival skill in my book.

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I just sent an e-mail that says "love you".

Unfortunately I accidentally sent it to a lady I work with instead of Tandra.

Yeah, it was very quickly followed by a hasty "oops sorry about that" message.

*hiding now*
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Ok, I've been posting a lot today but this is too funny not to share.

I have a bumper sticker on my car that says "I'm tired of stupid people". I decided to make a user icon out of it, so I'm searching the web for the image. I did a google image search for "tired of stupid people" and this is the only result that came back:

584 x 368 pixels - 45k
www.cs.utexas.edu/.../pics/colorado2001/ happyfamily.jpg
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My Winamp just went from The Dangling Conversation by Simon & Garfunkel to Diesel Power by Prodigy.

Can it be time to go home now?
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