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November 6th, 2003

This morning on the way in to work I saw a pickup truck. On the back window in big silver letters it said "FEAR IS FAITH IN THE ENEMY." But for some reason, when I first caught a glimpse of it, as it was turning a corner and weird lights were reflecting off the silver surface of the letters and the back window, I thought it said "FEAR IS THE FAITH OF THE 21ST CENTURY."

I thought my first interpretation was much more interesting. In an age when so many people lack faith in traditional gods and religions, it's interesting to consider what people *do* rely on, if anything. What do you think? What is the faith of the 21st century?
I stumbled across a really good article on edmunds.com yesterday. It's written by a journalist who was sent by Edmunds.com to go undercover and work for a couple car dealerships, to see what it's like "on the inside." He worked at a high-volume, high-pressure place for a month, the kind of place you think of when you think of slimy, slicky-boy car salesmen (and I use that term because almost all the sales force at that place were men). Then he went to a smaller, no-haggle place. It's a really good read, and you can find it right here.
Yesterday, squarecircle and I had a conversation about dumbass close-minded Christians. It's amazing how much their minds can close up to any other perspective, it's really bad. Not that any of you don't already know that. Anyway, somehow we started talking about the stupid phrase "The Lord's will". And I pointed out that if he's immortal, why should he have a will? And if he does have a last will and testament, which testament is it? The New?

Nov. 6th, 2003

I said, "Fix the damn thing and leave my private life out of it, okay pal?"