November 11th, 2003

thinking out loud

This weekend my dad, my grandpa and I rented a hydraulic wood splitter from a place in Augusta and chopped a bunch of wood my dad had lying around behind the fenced part of his yard. Dad and I split (get it) the firewood between us. Sunday dad brought my cut (get it) in and we unloaded it into my shed. In fact, we yanked out all the nasty bailing wire that I stuck in the shed last spring, folded it up and left it for the garbage men to take away. Then we stacked the firewood up all nice in my shed.

Yesterday our stupid new dog decided it would be fun to drag about 15 pieces of firewood out of the shed and all over the yard, and to get into the kindling and just leave it wherever. Slightly irritating. Stupid dog. I still love her though. She is SO MUCH BETTER than that other damn dog we had, the one that chewed everything within reach.