November 17th, 2003

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I should have posted last night while I was still feeling it, while it was still in my head, but I didn't.

The gist of it is this - Late at night, when everyone else is asleep, that's when I'm happy. When the world is peaceful and quiet and the chaotic vibe that everyone creates when they are awake is calmed, that's when I enjoy life. I wouldn't say I'm content, but that's only because (at least last night) I wanted to be out shooting photos.

Anyway. That's a really lame version of what I was feeling last night.

In other news, Tandra got her wisdom teeth out Thursday afternoon. She was hoping to be back to work today, but she's not. She's still swollen and in pain and all hepped up on goofballs (i.e. percocet). She's being a trooper though.

Even cooler though is that she's using this opportunity to quit smoking. You know, she can't smoke for three or four days because she'll get dry sockets, so she decided to just quit altogether. I think that's fucking awesome. She intentionally spent her cigarette money on clothes and I stole her existing cigarettes and hid them. She hasn't smoked since Thursday afternoon. Again, fucking awesome.

Yay, I'm here at work, and I have tons of shit to do, especially since I was gone Thursday and Friday taking care of Tandra. Oh well. Hopefully having all this work to do will keep me busy and pass the day and make me forget that I hate being here.

Oh, P.S., the Discovery channel has been running three one-hour shows about amateur rocketry. If you've seen them, you know that what they filmed was LDRS, the huge rocket launch I went to last summer. You can read about it starting here and again starting here if you want. Those entries are just starting points though - I think there are three or four days worth of entries following the first one, and three more entries following the second link posted. I don't know if/when the shows will air again, but I thought they were pretty damn good. Miah's on TV, but I wasn't.

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A couple weeks or so ago I was puttering around the house and I started flipping through the channels. Starz Encore was actually running Friday, which I thought was pretty cool. Most networks won't touch it, and those that do are the ones who have to bleep everything out and run commercials. So it was cool to see it in all its profane glory on something other than my VHS tape. The best part was, though, when Tandra called on the phone and I muted it. All the cursing was written out in big block letters on the Closed Captioning. It was, if possible, funnier than watching it with sound. Written on my screen, after Craig (Ice Cube) slams the door on the old ladies at the beginning: "WELL FUCK YOU!" "HALF DEAD MOTHER FUCKER. COME ON SISTER." It was a riot.

And did you guys hear about this? Apparently in Budapest, Hungary, at the University of Arts, they closed down a garden building about five years ago for remodeling. I guess they forgot about it or something. Anyway, some guy went in there and hung himself a while back, like a year ago. So they re-opened the building, and the body hung there for a whole day, and people just looked at it and thought it was a piece of artwork. It took them a whole day to figure out that it was a real dead body. Nucking Futs. Here's the story.
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