November 24th, 2003

I don't think this is what they serve at Starbuck's.

On the other hand, maybe it is. I wouldn't know; I've never been.

Over the weekend it got REALLY COLD. Highs in the 30s, lows in the teens. No snow though, unfortunately.

So rather than take my chances on watered down kool-aid from the kitchen drones, I did something wild and different today. I picked up a packet of instant hot chocolate. Shit gets deeper though, check it. I didn't use hot water to make it - I used COFFEE. I know, I am one wild and crazy guy, right?

I'm going to write a new song for Moby. It's called "Why Does My Head Hurt So Bad?".

Um, well done to the Chiefs, I guess. You won, so that's cool, but you barely won against the Raiders at home, so boo. I hope you guys win the division for you can get home field advantage and a week off and then play the crappiest AFC team that makes the playoffs. AFC championship? Possibly.

It was a good weekend. Saturday had me climbing around on my scary steep roof checking my chimney to make sure it was all good. The rest of the weekend we burned fires in the wood-burning fireplace insert stove thing. I'm excited to have it since we didn't use it last year at all. I bought a new fireplace set, a new grate for it, and an indoor firewood holding device type thing. Very nifty. All I need now are glass inserts for the wrought iron doors instead of iron ones, so I can actually see the fire. The stove has a blower on it too, so it blows air around the hot bricks of the oven and then blows it back into the house. Ha, it was 80 degrees in my living room last night and my heater is set to keep it at 74.
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I have no explanation for why I just got that hungry all of a sudden.
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At lunch today I saw a plain old Nissan Maxima. It was not riced out, it just had one little sticker on the farthest back window on the side: This in itself was totally uninteresting to me. What was interesting was the guy's custom plate: EBRAKE

hehehehh :-)

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oh yeah - Tandra owes me $5 because she wanted to bet me that the RAIDERS would beat the CHIEFS... HAHAHAHAH!
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