December 15th, 2003

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So, this thing with hating your job... is this basically just a common part of the human condition? I mean, does everyone hate having to go to work? Or are other people just better at tolerating it than Tandra and I are? Is this part of "growing up", where you just decide to deal with it because you have to pay the bills?

Is it bad to choose a life of being poor intentionally over being a wage slave doing something you hate?

Yeah, you can tell it's Monday.

(no subject)

You guys need to check out eagleopline. It's just a little one-line-a-day community where amnewsboy selects the most entertaining line from the day's Opinion/Editorial page in the Wichita Eagle and posts it. It doesn't clutter up your friends page and it's usually good for a laugh, or even better, an opportunity to make fun of stupid people. Go join.
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