December 23rd, 2003

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Yeah yeah, this week I don't even HAVE a hump day, it's so short. w00t. This week, Tuesday is the new Friday!

Regarding Tandra's step-dad, I'll sort of steal from Monty Python, "he's not quite dead yet!"

Sorry. That was utterly insensitive. At least I didn't ask Tandra if I could have his Christmas presents.

Oh wait, yes I did. HAHAHAHAHA!

Yeah, sometimes when too much badness comes around, you just explode in irreverent silliness because there's nothing else to do.

Wached my ABBA DVD last night. twice.

They're having lunch catered in today, which is fantastic since I have about 2 hours worth of errands I need to run on my lunch hour. :-/ Guess I'll just go anyway. *maniacal laughter*
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Have you ever received a gift from your significant other which you hated, or given one that they hated? Discuss.
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I have a package I'm sending to my aunt. I don't know her mailing address. Ordinarily I'd call my parents for it, but they're on the road right now on their way to South Dakota. This means I have to call one of my relatives up there to get it. I don't want to, because that means I have to do the obligatory courteous "talk for ten minutes about other stuff because we haven't talked in a while" conversation, and I don't feel like having that conversation at the moment.