December 29th, 2003

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What?? The Pack is in and the Vikes are out? The Browns beat the Bengals? Arizona beat Minnesota? Detroit beat ANYBODY? Today was BANANAS!

And, although I thought the Chiefs would go 11-5 this year, I acknowledged the possibility that they could go 13-3, which they did. w00t.

I've paid more attention to the NFL this season than ever before. DAMN is it fun. I'm EXCITED about the playoffs, and I'm already putting together my draft list for next year's fantasy football.

More tomorrow.

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Even though it's been something like six days since I've posted, I don't have too much to say.

Tandra's step-dad passed at about 7 AM on the 24th. Kind of a crappy Christmas Eve for them, although we tried to make the best of it anyway.

Christmas was teh score. I ended up with a total of TEN things I can put in my PS2, eight of which, EIGHT, were from Tandra. Two games and six DVDs. Good times. But you know what the coolest thing ever is that I got? Tandra helped her mom pick this out for me - it's a BRIGHT BRIGHT RED pair of pajama pants that say KOOL-AID all over them. They are awesome.

Half a day of "work" today since the funeral is this afternoon.
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OH yeah - I should mention the games that I got were Soul Calibur 2 and Silent Hill 3.

Soul Calibur makes me MAD when I get my ass kicked. Not sure whether that's good or not.

Silent Hill 3 is fucking cool though.
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Ok, rant time.

We have a roomate. Her name is Drea. Theoretically she lives in the basement. She and Tandra met at Cox. She was in a really bad way and was really close to having nowhere to live. So we said she could live in our basement for a while since it was still empty from when Steve was living down there.

Well, I'm fucking sick of her and I want her to leave. She buys groceries and cooks and that's great, and things were just fine when she was working her 40 hours a week and everything. But she was in a car accident, seems like a month ago, and I'm of the opinion that she's milking it, big time. She hasn't been to work since, and she is MORE than capable of working. She hurt her leg and was hobbling for a while, but now it's just that fake-ass limp that you see people do, you know the one I'm talking about. Even if it is a real limp, she's got crutches. I mean, her job is to sit on her ass all day and talk on the phone, there's no reason she can't do it. Especially since that's the SAME FUCKING THING SHE DOES ANYWAY, only she does it on my couch. I'm serious, every time I have walked through the living room since the 24th, she has been on my couch watching my TV in my living room, and I don't know the last time she slept in the basement. She always sleeps on our damn sofa. It's like I have my very own Guy On The Couch, like in Half Baked. I think she sat on the sofa and watched TV the ENTIRE DAY yesterday.

Then there's her KIDS. Ugh. When her kids are over, ALL SHE DOES is BITCH and BITCH and BITCH at them! I can't fucking stand it! But, when they misbehave or talk back or keep getting up out of bed or whatever, all she does is bitch some more, she never DOES anything about it. It's so goddamned frustrating. And those kids are loud, and snotty, and they can make a mess in my living room faster than anything I've ever seen.

Drea's insurance had lapsed at the time of the accident. Evidently, so had the guy's who hit her. (The accident wasn't her fault) So I'm wondering if she's just SOL on getting a new car. I also think that with us not charging her any rent at all, she has absolutely no motivation to ever move the fuck out. You know, I didn't buy a house because I wanted to open a shelter for the less fortunate.

Oh yeah, and she likes to leave the front door open, even open the window on the screen door, when it's 40 degrees or colder outside. My motherfucking utility bill this last month was $320. I mean, it's usually in the $280-$300 range during the winter, but this is the highest it's ever been, and I certainly don't need her being careless making it worse.

I'm thinking about charging her rent, and maybe a percentage of the utility bill. I mean, what does she care if I have to pay a $320 bill when she doesn't have to pay a penny of it?

Fuck. Okay. I just had to get that out.