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January 7th, 2004

The past two nights I haven't fallen asleep until 4 AM. Don't know why. Today I'm really feeling it. I can hardly see straight.


And if it were any colder, I think my nuts would stop trying to crawl into my stomach and just fall off altogether.
Jesus, after reading my friends page, is there anywhere in the country where it's not fucking freezing?

Shut up, democritus.
busychild424 is bored with himself
busychild424 is bored by himself
(busychild424 is not bored alone -
busychild424 is self-bored)
busychild424 needs to self-entertain
busychild424 may start by self-medicating
RSS feeds are so cool. A way to take non-LJ content and stick it into LJ so I can keep up with various sources by just looking at my friends page. Good stuff.

I'd like to take this opportunity to promote a couple of very cool photoblogs I've found recently:




(because "satanslaundromat" has one too many letters.)
Evidently it wasn't enough for Tandra's car to not start Monday. Apparently what needed to happen to really fill things out nicely was for my car to also not start, beginning today.

Going from two cars to one is inconvenient. Going from one car to none is a SERIOUS FSCKING PROBLEM.

God dammit.