February 17th, 2004

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Okay, you bastards post a lot over three days.

Hooray for Soulseek - I got the BEEP BEEP song!!! (None of you have any idea what I'm talking about. Bug off.)

Also hooray for three day weekends and four day work weeks.

Not hooray because we were going to have a long meeting over our lunch hour, having lunch catered in and everything. (I'm sure it's the same crappy sandwiches from Spears that we always get... damn crappy sandwiches.) Only, the guy who was going to be teaching us how to use Microsoft Project had to leave for an emergency. So what are we going to do? Well, since we've already got lunch coming, let's just HAVE THE MEETING ANYWAY. How incredibly stupid is this, and how much of my time is this going to waste? Jeezus Christ. So I get to sit in the cold-ass pseudo-meeting room and listen to Kent's dry, boring, accountant ass run his mouth and say the same sh*t over and over again. Good times.

This weekend Miah and I are doing a monster brake job on the Miata. The Miata who I've decided to name by just picking a name that I like, since I've had her for a month now and nothing's jumping out at me. Of course, as soon as I do that, something will come along. Anyway, I'm replacing her poor, grooved rotors with bigger Spec Miata rotors, replacing the pads with Axxis Ultimate street performance pads, and replacing the calipers with the appropriate calipers for the larger rotors. Should be tons of work and a little bit of fun, but it will be nice to teach the car to go slow faster. My concern is getting the calipers off initially - they're rusted all to crap. We tried to replace just the pads Friday night to get me through this week and couldn't accomplish a damn thing except to round off one of the bolts. Fortunately it's not one of the bolts we'll need to grab to actually remove the calipers. Anyway, I've been soaking the brake assemblies in liquid wrench in the hopes that some of that crap will loosen up.

On the bright side, Sunday evening we forked around, fixed some more of the previous owner's ghetto engineering, and made my foglights work. They now account for about 50% of my total illumination at night, which tells you how crappy my headlights are.

Good thing I've got Hellas on the way! w00t for upgrades!
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YEAH. My brakes and Jackson Racing knobs are all set for delivery on Thursday, and my headlights shipped out today!

AND it's really nice outside. Not top-down nice, but melting-away-all-the-leftover-ice nice. :-)
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