February 23rd, 2004

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I hate politics so much. I'm not going to vote until I get un-sick of politics, or unless someone REALLY COMPELLING runs. And neither of those things are likely to happen. Don't try to talk me into voting, I'll get annoyed.

I used to be totally into politics for a while. I was working for the county election commissioner's office in 1994 when the Republicans overwhelmingly took control of Congress, in an apparent backlash against Clinton. I was fascinated. But then shortly thereafter I realized that politics is basically just stupid. It's like there are two teams, you pick your team, and then you constantly bitch about the other one, and it's the same sh*t over and over and over again. Now I've grown to hate it and I avoid it completely. Don't try to change my mind about that, I'll get annoyed.

We finished the brake job on the car in just under 7 hours - calipers, rotors, and pads, and a full bleed/flush. Pretty good work. We then completed the headlight install in about five hours. Add in the two-ish hours we spent on dinner, and we worked almost 14 hours on the car Saturday. I was beat. But it's all done. The headlights don't fit as well as I'd like them to. They're not perfect, but they are cool and they are bright. I'll post pics after I take them tonight.

My mental state
I was basically right about last night - the feeling is almost gone. There are still little remnants. Enough for me to remember, and to think. But things aren't so simple and easy as they were last night - it's mostly hazy and complicated again.