March 2nd, 2004

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Poll #256714 name my car

which do you like? I think I have a choice, but I'm curious what you guys have to say.

bantam (english, meaning "small, aggressive")
renny (irish gaelic, meaning "small but powerful")
vaughan (welsh, meaning "small")
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    Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Flaming Clouds (Airbase Remix)

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I am disappointed. My pretzels are sadly lacking in salt content.
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    DJ Shah and Pedro Del Mar present - Melomania USA March 2004 (D I G I T A L L Y - I M P O R T E D - European Trance, Techno, Hi-NRG... we can't define it!)

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Plans for the eve:

Dinner & Idol

Who's going with me?

To the Vagabond, I mean. I won't force Idol on any of you. Besides, you'd have to come to my house for that and you're not invited. ;-)