March 4th, 2004

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It's raining. A lot. Again. Which is okay, I guess.

What's really cool is the rolling thunder we've been having all morning. GOD I love thunder. Even when one big crash of thunder bounced me right out of bed this morning, I still liked it.

(You KNOW I like something if it unexpectedly and not-very-gently wakes me up before my alarm clock goes off and I don't get mad.)

My car is leaky, a little bit. The convertible top seems to be in good shape, but the weather sealing around the windows lets in a little bit of water. Not much. And, it's a convertible, it's to be expected. :-) I'm not upset about it.

Uhh... yeah. More later.

This song is classic

Suddenly it occurred to me how good some Gardetto's sounded. So I went downstairs to the vending machine and WE DON'T HAVE ANY. What kind of vending machine doesn't have Gardetto's??

So I got Bugles.

That's it; I quit.
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So I guess I haven't actually talked about it much on here, but there's a local Miata club here in Wichita. I was stoked when I found it, and it's been kinda cool so far. They have monthly meetings at Old Chicago (great, ANOTHER excuse to go there! As if once a week wasn't enough already!) and generally do at least one other thing per month. This month I've got three car-related weekends in a row, which rocks. This weekend is the monthly meeting. Next weekend is the first Autocross (w00t!). The weekend after that the Miata club is having a tech day at one guy's house. I'm going to get my ignition timing advanced from 10 to 14 degrees. I'm told it's a safe boost in power. I'm guessing it's like the adjustment that variable valve timing systems like VVT-i and VTEC give you at higher RPMS, only mine would be all the time since I don't have one of those schmancy systems. Which is fine, because I drive reasonably fast, keeping my car in higher RPMs and in a position to take advantage of the timing, and this car gets such good fuel economy compared to my last car that a little sacrifice in the name of more pep is a compromise I'm willing to make.

Anyway, I got a little technical right there. Sorry about that. I was talking about the Miata club. Yeah, I think the best part will be when we all actually get together and DRIVE THEM AROUND together. Ha, 15 or 20 Miatas all rolling around. Cool. I know that at some point we have a Drive-In Movie night. That should be fun, to all roll in and sit in a row. I'll take pictures.
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Ok, I suppose I'm enough of an LJ-freak that I would at some point wind up with my own community. It was bound to happen. And for a reasonably good reason - I'm surprised no one did it before.


Wichita folks, go join, dammit.
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an e-mail I just sent


In the past, when there was severe weather that you wanted to keep the public aware of, you would put a little box in the corner of the screen noting the county where the weather was... or maybe a little map of kansas with certain counties displayed in certain colors based on the conditions. If things developed that didn't warrant breaking in to the programming entirely, you would run a crawl. That was great, worked very well.

Now I understand that Dave Freeman is a drama queen and that he LOVES his severe weather coverage, but this is ridiculous. You suddenly want to take up 40% of my TV screen with your "There's bad weather, everybody run and hide!" graphic, but - and stay with me on this - there's NO NEW CONTENT. *gasp* That same little box and maybe a crawl are still the only dynamic content in that huge chunk of real estate that have anything to do with current weather conditions. The rest of it is just a pretty graphic. What a waste of space! Not everyone has a big-screen. Give me my TV back, pretty please.

Tossing my $.02 into the e-fountain,
Josh Dutcher

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