March 8th, 2004

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Friday night - hung out at the Vagabond and Finn's. Drank a bit, listened to the DJ spin trance and breakbeat. Good times.

Saturday - got up early, went to the gun show. Played Colin McRae Rally 4. Loved it. Went to the monthly Miata club meeting. Met another kid my age (aren't that many). Was fun. Played more Colin McRae Rally 4. Played Risk on the Sega Genesis.

Sunday - slept in. Went out and bought stuff to wash the car with, including detailing clay. That stuff's awesome. Got all the rust spots off that had stuck to my car when I was spurting all sorts of nastiness out the right rear wheel where my pads and rotors were stuck together before my brake job. Rented Runaway Jury - great movie.

Today - My head is killing me and I don't know why. Ouch.
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