March 11th, 2004

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Last night Tandra had a little too much to drink, so I drove her home and we left her car at the bar. It was parked in a spot marked "Two hour parking only 8AM-5PM", so I had to get it picked up by 10 this morning. I had my dad come help me out with that.

I love my dad. He's the best dad a guy could ask for. Always helps me out when he can, treats us and my mom respectfully, always worked hard to provide a good life for us. But he is a little too religious for me.

In his truck he was listening to American Family Radio. I couldn't believe how full of propaganda it all was... that's all it sounded like to me. Religious people using the correct religious terms for stuff, advertisements for, promos like "We've always been focused on families" and crap like that... ugh.

And what's with Christian music and hymns - why do they stick in your head so easily? Is that on purpose? Gah.

I went up to the bedroom to drop off Tandra's car keys. She was still sleeping, with a sweater pinned up over the window and a washcloth over her eyes. We talked for a couple minutes. My favorite line:

Me: "Are we getting married?"
Her: "As soon as I get rid of this headache."

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Let's see... other amusing things that happened at the bar last night:
  • Tandra's ex-husband and I talked cars for an extended amount of time
  • Tandra smacked the butt of some 35-40 year old complete stranger as he was bent over to play pool. He turned around and looked at her in surprise and she gave him this innocent, big-eyed look and shrugged.
  • Tandra pointed across our group at her ex-husband with a disgusted look on her face and her nose all wrinkled up and said "AGH! I used to have sex with you!"
  • The following conversation ensued:
    Me: "I have good news and I have bad news."
    Tandra: "What's the bad news?"
    Me: "The bad news is that I don't think you should have any more to drink tonight."
    Tandra: "I don't think so either, I feel sick. I think I'm gonna puke. What's the good news? I need some good news."
    Me: "The good news is that I think you're hot and I want to take you home."
    Tandra: *blank expression*
    Tandra: *big eyes*
    Tandra: "I have to go throw up now." *walks away*
So, good times.