March 16th, 2004

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I'm sitting at the Vagabond as I type this. Unforunately I'm so very 1999 that I don't yet have a wireless card, so this entry will have to live as a txt file until I get home and post it from my antiquated 100BaseT Ethernet connection. After that I will fingerpaint buffalo on the walls and try to make fire.

I need to vent. I'm about to explain a lot of very personal shit and then I'm going to get extremely bitchy. This will also explain one of the two issues I was dealing with last week that I was not yet ready to talk about. If you have no interest in the drama, I don't blame you. Skip it if you like. But if you want to know some interesting stuff about my past, if you want to know me better, if you like my bitch sessions, or if you are Jennifer Kaul, please Collapse )
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