March 25th, 2004

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argh, it happened again

I don't get it. I was out until 1 last night, top down, cruising around, doing my thing, everything was all good. Then this morning I come out to the car and there's this disgusting mass of spider web stretching from the driver's side mirror to the place where the driver's side door and window meet the convertible top. And there were little baby spiders all over it and the side of my car. ICK. So I hooked up the garden hose and sprayed all that nastiness off. When I opened the door, a couple spiderwebs stretched from the edges of the window to the frame of the convertible top. Disgusting.

I hope this doesn't keep happening.
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Wow. I just had the weirdest/coolest feeling flash through me.

I've mentioned before that this song is one of the great classic trance tracks that will never grow old with me. When I first heard this song, it was Spring of 2000. This song was one of my favorites throughout that summer, and what a memorable summer it was for me. I had my first real job which I loved, Tim and I were practically inseparable, taking road trips almost every other weekend up to Lawrence... it was just a great time in my life.

Just now when the song started, I was kidnapped by my own mind and deposited into a whirlwind of deja vu. For a moment, all the feelings from that time in my life came rushing back into my head and I felt them again. Then I imagined myself twenty years from now, almost 50, still listening to trance, still listening to this song from time to time, and having it still rush me instantly back to that summer (which I hope it does). So in one brief moment I was whirled into my past and then into my future and back again. That was awesome.

Springtime does this sort of thing to me. :-)
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    Paul Oakenfield - Salt Tank - Eugina 2000 (Progressive Summer Mix)

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Richard Simmons Cited for Slapping Fighter

This is funny for so many reasons...
  • It's just funny on general principle
  • Upon being heckled at the airport, and this is a quote from the story, Mr. "Simmons took offense and said he had to 'bitch slap' him."
  • The man Simmons slapped was a burly guy known for participating in local cage matches... but apparently he couldn't take being "bitch-slapped" by Simmons. He wants to press charges. Awww, poor cage match guy, did the wittle gay man hurt you? heh