June 7th, 2004

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So, every time I wash my car or even think about washing my car, it rains the next day. Seriously. This whole spring it's been pointless to wash my car because it just rains again.

I washed my car yesterday.

It was sunny when I came to work.

It's completely overcast now.

EDIT: After looking at Accuweather.com's enhanced satellite animation, there appears to be a freaking HURRICANE in Oklahoma. (???)

I'm eating chili cheese Fritos. Not because I'm hungry - because I'm BORED!!!
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Why is POS Hotmail only working for me about every other hour lately? FCUKING CRAP!


Hey, anyone seen the new Spongmonkey Quizno's commercial? All I can remember is the last line says "We are no Huns!"
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You know, all these people on my friendsfriends list talking about politics and crap has me thinking. Everyone's making all these commentaries about the state of the world, and Kerry, and Bush, and what a freaking nit-wit Bush is, and how awful it all is and how it could all go wrong and what people aren't doing right... ACK! I just want to state my position on the whole thing again.


This is not to tell you to shut up about anything - I don't mind, post whatever you like, that's not what I'm getting at. I'm just saying that my own personal position is one of not giving a crap.

See, Bush might singlehandedly bring the U.S.'s reign as the world's only remaining superpower to an end, or Kerry might see the beginning of nuclear terrorism, or the GDP of Paraguay might decline, and those things might even affect me, but until they do I'm not going to waste my time worrying and stressing out about sh!t I can't control. I don't care enough to waste my time and energy with it.

Now, were I interested in doing something about it like running for office or organizing some stupid letter-writing campaign or petition or something, then I would, and I would feel justified to pay attention to the issues and keep track of what's going on and waste my time with conjecture and pundits.

But I'm not. Not in the least. This is why I don't bother to watch the news. This is why I didn't know Reagan died until Tandra told me via SMS late Saturday night. This is why I don't care that he did. *shrug*

Yay, fsck politics and fsck the news and fsck CNN and Washington D.C. and all the rest of it! w00t! Bring on the cartoons and race cars and video games and sex and good food and Tandra and concerts and kids and road trips and all the good things in life!

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The bad thing about taking a late lunch: the morning seems to last forever.
The good thing about taking a late lunch: the afternoon is really short! It's 2:45 already!

This is a pretty cool track.

Oh, speaking of cool tracks, I know I'm any number of months behind the bandwagon on this, but I am totally crushing on the new Blink 182 CD. Really good stuff.
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I wish there was a way to tell every single internet app I have to go through port 80 or some other open port so I could get around our stupid firewall, like I can with AIM.

What program can I use to do a port scan to tell me what ports I have available to me that won't trigger an anti-intrusion firewall or anything like that?

I also wish to repeat that HOTMAIL IS SUCKING MY ASS lately. Growl.

As you were.
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