June 18th, 2004

Friday Five

1. Have you ever traveled beyond the country that you were born in?
Nope. Suck.

2. How many different residences have you lived in since you were born? ... Which abode was the best?
Well, let's see...
  1. some apartment in Janesville, Wisconsin, the town where I was born (rental)

  2. Jump street (yes, I lived on Jump street, no, the address wasn't 21) (rental)

  3. Kinkaid (I think my dad bought that one)

  4. Clark Street (owned)

  5. Chambers Rd (owned)

  6. Does the county jail count?

  7. Does staying in my aunt & uncle's basement for 6 months count?

  8. Shirkmere (rental)

  9. Darryl & Patti's basement for a year or year and a half, I forget how long

  10. Windsor at Barclay Square (rental)

  11. Midtown Place (rental)

  12. the Castle on Fairview (rental)

  13. the duplex of doom on Nevada (rental)

  14. Current residence. (owned)
3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I could go on and on and on. Realistically, right now? Kansas City. But from what I've heard I'd love California or the Pacific NW. Or Northern Ireland or maybe Italy, who knows.

4. Name your preferred method of transportation:
driving!! love it!!

5. Jackie Chan : Hip or hype?
a little of both

Friday Fiver

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